“… an excellent lawyer…”
“John Gilmore is an excellent lawyer; he is not only knowledge but empathetic. He knows the law and his tenacious personalty gets the job done. We had John Gilmore for one of our foster children a couple years ago and were very impressed with him has a lawyer and a man. So when my husband was falsely accused John took our case against my husband of sexual molestation of one of our foster children. He connected us with another professional together they build the case. The Department of Economic Security then vacated the hearing.”
~ Posted by Don & Sharyn

“… very caring lawyer…”
John represented us in a custody case involving our granddaughter. John showed up to all our hearings, and there was a lot of them, on time and prepared. He represented us as grandparents, as we were dragged into the custody battle and needed representation. John took very good care of us and kept all slanderous remarks in check.
John was a very caring lawyer and kept us up to date on all motions. He worked well with our son’s attorney, Child Protective Services and our granddaughter’s attorney. We felt that John did a great job keeping us in contact with our granddaughter.
~ Posted by Cal

“… we would highly recommend John…”
We live in Pa and hired John to help with trying to gain custody of our Grandchildren. From the very beginning, we felt like we had known him forever and he treated us like friends not just clients. The odds were stacked against us from the beginning, but John gave us a fighting chance. He gave us access to records that we could not have seen any other way. Although the decision did not go in our favor, we feel that John did his very best. We are very greatful for the doors he opened for us to be involved in our Grandchildrens lives. We would highly recommend John in any type of child custody case.
~ Posted by Mike & Marcie

“…goes beyond the call of duty…”
I have known John Gilmore personally for over 14 years. I hired him for a guardianship case in 2004, the case lasted almost a year, and during that time John was always available 24/7 to explain and help me with the emotional toll these cases take on. He explained everything clearly every step of the way, he was always on time, always prepared for the trials and I knew with him as my lawyer I would win and I did. Every person that was involved with the legal proceedings had the utmost respect for John and told me so. Everyone that I have ever met that had any dealings with John personally or professionaly has nothing but postive things to say about him. I believe that anyone that has the privilege to hire John Gilmore will be more that satisfied with the results as I was. As a small business owner I understand the importance of having someone helping you that has your best interests at heart and knowing that you will be treated fairly, both financially and honestly. John Gilmore is more than both, he goes beyond the “call of duty”.
~ Posted by Karen

“…highly skilled advocate…”
Mr. Gilmore represented us in a placement review hearing. It was a highly complex case that involved numerous witnesses. This was a difficult time and he proved to be highly compassionate as he patiently explained the legal process, answering all questions with a great deal of legal knowledge. During the trial, Mr. Gilmore proved to be well-prepared and a highly skilled advocate for our position. Ultimately, our position was supported by the Court and we were very satisfied with the legal services Mr. Gilmore provided.
~ Posted by David

“…finest child abuse lawyer in Tucson…”
John Gilmore, Jr was highly recommended to me by two separate contacts as the best family law and child dependency lawyer in town. After retaining him for for my case, I could not agree more!  In my first meeting with Mr. Gilmore he patiently outlined the child dependency process to me, explained the options available to me, and shared his thoughts based on his years of experience. This was all very new to me but I felt I was in good hands.

During my case there were many appearances in court. Mr. Gilmore was always thoroughly prepared for court and took the time to explain to me the purpose of the hearings and the possible outcomes. He was respectful to all parties involved at all times, both in and out of the court room. He was trustworthy and displayed the highest level of integrity.

As my case progressed Mr. Gilmore promptly communicated updates and developments to me. He counseled me as to when he and I did or did not need to appear in court. He clearly explained the various documents and hearings and provided his recommendations. He answered my questions and was efficient in his use of time spent on my case between email, telephone, and in-person meetings. I never felt rushed or that my time was under used, and he was always available and responsive.

Mr. Gilmore was also resourceful and assisted me in finding training classes and other support systems offered through the court system and the community. These were really quite helpful and worth my time. It is apparent that Mr. Gilmore is quite knowledgeable of the dependency process and the juvenile court system.

When I first met Mr. Gilmore I had no idea what to expect in the upcoming eighteen months. It was an emotional journey for me that ended favorably for myself and my family. I feel that Mr. Gilmore’s extensive talents, professional demeanor, and many years of experience contributed to this positive outcome. I would, without hesitation, recommend Mr. Gilmore as the finest child abuse lawyer in Tucson.
~ Posted by Gwendolyn

“…came highly recommended…”
John was a saving grace. We were out of state clients and needed representation local in Tuscon to get custody of a child. We tried battling the system on our own for months even tried finding an attorney on our own and were disappoint twice to hear from these attorney’s that we didn’t have a case.

So frustrated that we weren’t making progress we contacted a family member who is a lawyer who contacted some law school associates in Arizona and John was one of two that came highly recommended. My husband and I decided to go with whomever called back first. John called the same day.

He was instantly comforting, thought we had a case, sympathetic and didn’t promise anything but to plead our position. Within a month of contacting him, John had a hearing set. Five months later we have the child in our care and are proceeding with adoption.

Now I know not everyone’s case can have a happy ending such as ours, but John will try his best to support you, stay within the law and fight for what’s in the best interest.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, John.

~ Anonymous

“…answered all my phone calls and emails immediately…”
I was from out of state and John Gilmore was recommended to me by a friend in Az. I still talk about John a lot to my friends and how much he helped to save my 2 grandaughters. Because of John, my grandaughters are healthy, happy and safe forever. I will be forever grateful in his fight to bring these children home to grandparents that loved them more than anything in the world. John always answered all my phone calls and e-mails immediately. Kept me informed on everything from beginning to end. If it were not for John Gilmore I really don’t know what I would have done. Our family had never been involved in any child abuse case in our family. I met him under very difficult circumstances and he made me comfortable from that first meeting up to our last when we brought the girls home. He also has a wonderful assistant that I talked to many times when John was in court. I thank John for everything he did to make our family happy again and complete.
~ Posted by Tish

“…responsive to our needs…”
We found John after having issues with a Dependency case. He came HIGHLY recommended by his peers and came thru for us. After a long battle trying to do the right thing and represent ourselves to no avail, John Gillmore was not only thorough,knowledgable VERY responsive to our needs and the best interest of the child involved. We are VERY pleased with his handling of this case and would recommend him to others in need.
~ Posted by Brian

“…kept in constant communication….”
John Gilmore represented me in the child custody case of my grand niece. From the beginning, his obvious experience with and knowledge of not only child custody law, but of the child welfare system in Tucson was of great benefit. He obtained all information that I required, provided excellent representation in court and was always available to me when I needed to talk with him. Even though I live in Colorado, John kept in constant communication with me by phone and email and saw that I received copies of all paperwork resulting from the legal proceedings. I would recommend John Gilmore’s services without reservation.
~ Posted by Sharon

“…honest and trustworthy…”

We used Mr. Gilmore for a relinquishment of parental rights for my children to be able to be adopted by my husband in 2015-2106. My first meeting with Mr. Gilmore was great! He gave me good vibes, gave me a few options of how we could approach the situation, although was very honest with me that it would not be an easy thing to do. He was very confident in his work. I was worried about spending so much money on just one part (lawyer) of this process but it was by far the best decision we made! He was precise, very respectful, well spoken, straight forward, and a whole-hearted gentleman. We lived in another town than we had the court case in and he was extremely helpful about emailing me forms and not making me go to Tucson for everything to be done. He kept my husband and I informed and made sure he addressed any concerns or questions we had. If you’re looking for an honest and trustworthy person I truly would put your trust into Mr. Gilmore!

~Posted by Amanda C.

“…a real professional..”

John Gilmore is a real professional. He is reliable, responsive, and well networked in the Tucson legal community. It is because of him that I won permanent custody of my 9-year-old granddaughter from DCS. I would recommend him to any family in need of legal assistance.

~Posted by Becky L.

“…We will always be grateful…”

We all hope to never need the services of an attorney, but things happen, and then we do. We found ourselves in a situation where hard decisions had to be made, and an attorney was necessary. We are now parents to our two grandchildren, and have Mr. Gilmore to thank for getting us through the process.

We had to deal with the courts for more than two years. To say it was a stressful situation is an understatement. Every step of the way, Mr. Gilmore was there to explain what was going on, what may or may not happen, and what options we had in this lengthy process. We never felt we were a bother, and no question went unanswered.

We will always be grateful for the great job Mr. Gilmore did in representing our interests, and would not hesitate to retain him again, if necessary.

~Posted by Michelle and Mike B.

“…respect for John among his colleagues…”

John Gilmore’s representation in the last two years of our four year court proceedings regarding the reunification of my grandchildren with their parents was very commendable.  I feel we had a good working relationship; I cannot say this about my previous attorney when my grandchildren were first put in foster care, therefore, I have a basis of comparison.  As the case unfolded it became more evident that reunification would not happen.  John Gilmore advised me of my options regarding adoption.  The situation was compounded by grandparents who lived out of state but John worked with us every step of the way.  I thought his fees very reasonable for his high level of competency. I observed a lot of respect for John among his colleagues in the court environment.  Thank you John for your very able representation.

~Posted by Sylvia and Chuck W.

“…5 star attorney…”

John Gilmore is a 5 star attorney!  We were referred to three attorneys and John was the only one who returned our call.  John is a top notch professional who is kind, well respected and a true legal expert.  The CPS case worker told us we hired one of the best attorneys.  John was willing to answer questions before we hired him.  He took the time to explain the court process, our legal situation and provided first rate representation.  We were reassured John was the best attorney when he made himself available, ensured he attended all our court hearings, answered all our questions and was with us every step of the way.

~Posted by K. & B.