Should you hire me?

Hiring an attorney is really like hiring any other professional. If you are not familiar with the profession, you may not feel like you know what questions to ask. You may also not feel like you know how to choose the right one. Here are some common questions that you may consider asking me: How many times have you cross-examined a specialist in court? How familiar are you with the particular form of child abuse I am being accused of? Have you ever won a trial? Have you ever done a jury trial? How will you prepare my case for trial? Do you have access to qualified medical doctors who will work with the defense?

When conducting the interview, here are some questions you can ask yourself: Does John Gilmore seem to have a good grasp on the subject matter? Does he inspire confidence? Is he professional and attentive? Does this seem like someone who will work with me? Is this someone I can work with?  The choice of attorney you hire when you are ready is really a pairing of team members. The attorney and client need to be a good fit and must be able to work together.

What about medical specialists?

Child abuse defense in cases involving medical issues can be extremely difficult to litigate and is best done by a trial attorney with a very specific set of skills and experience. With the creation of the subspecialty of child abuse pediatrician, it is highly likely that you will be facing medical specialists in court. You don’t want to be defended by someone without any knowledge and experience with medical litigation. Therefore, you are looking for help with how to handle complex medical arguments in court. During your initial consultation, we will talk about your specific situation and what we might encounter along the way.